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  • MYPIN TA4-SNR UUUU error

    I'm in the process of finishing an oven build. My current thermocoupler wires are too short to reach my PID so I bought a new K type T/C with longer wires. This is what I bought, Dernord M8 Thread K Type Thermocouple Temperature Controller 0-800°C Sensor Probe with 2 Meters Cable length ( Pack of 2). This is an ungrounded T/C.
    • Control higher temperatures from 50°C to 800 °C
    • The standard threaded stud is an M8
    • K type thermocouple is ungrounded
    • Installed these TC components easily
    • The metal shield has rust protection
    • Cable length: 2 meters

      Probe length:50mm

      Probe diameter:5mm

      Temperature Range :0-800°C

      Fork Terminal Spacing : 3.3mm / 0.13"

      Weight : 45g

      Transfer Type : K Temperature

    When I connect it and turn on my oven, I get a "UUUU" error on my PID. Does anyone know what this is and why it's happening? I've read that UUUU means that the signal is exceeding the measured Hi range. What does that mean? How do I correct this? If it's the T/C, how do I know why this T/C won't work and the next one will.

    Side note: I believe that I have the T/C wired correctly in posts 7 & 8, but I also reversed the two wires as a test and got the same UUUU error.

    Thanks for your time.
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    Is the pid configured for a 'K' type TC and is it set for a 'C' or 'F' reading? If either of these values are set incorrectly then that could explain the error condition. If the pid settings are correct and your short length TC works correctly then I would return it and buy another.

    If you have a MM there are also some simple tests that can be done to the TC. Google search on how to perform these.
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      My previous T/C was a K type and set for F reading and worked fine. I do have a multimeter. I'll search to see how to test my T/C. So it doesn't matter if I have a grounded or ungrounded T/C? I don't know if my original T/C was grounded or ungrounded.


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        Most every K tc I've seen are of the ungrounded type.


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          Figured out my issue. I connected my T/C to the wrong contacts on my PID, Doh!