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Freezer Studs, boxing the outside.

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  • Freezer Studs, boxing the outside.

    Now that the inside is stripped and sanded it is time to start riveting metal wall studs to the outside of cabinet. Partially done in these pics. The cabinet will get insulated on the outside to keep the interior size to maximum for the freezer being used. The door will be insulated and sheet metal skinned on the inside. More as it progresses.

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    The door now has spacers riveted in the mid points to maintain integrity and keep the insulation from moving over time. Also attaching extra sheet metal to where the full length piano hinge will attach to the door..better bite for the screws. It now is painted with 1600F aluminum paint on the inside and on the sheeting that will attach the inside of the door. Starting to work on the double floor with metal studs. This will allow for insulation and a place to run element wiring. All smiles so far!


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      Time to start the third thread of the project... it will be "Donor Oven"


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        best bet is to make a "progress thread" mate.. no need for a new thread for every step, just bang it all in one, ive set one up for mine, keeps the pages a bit cleaner.. all the info in one place, then any info you have is all in one place so if you ever want to go back to questions or adivce/pics you can go back to the one thread instead of trawling through millions


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          Randy, I've got to admit, that's VERY clever! What are the inside dimensions?