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In line burner vs. Jet Fire Burner

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  • In line burner vs. Jet Fire Burner

    I am currently building a small oven with an inside space of about 3X3X4. On it I will use a propane burner I made which looks like the ones you see on a BBQ pit. It is a pipe with holes in it fed by a jet.

    I plan to some day build a walk in oven where I could do some T-Tops and other large stuff, roughly 8X10X10. I read an article somewhere else ( that indicated that a Jet Fire Burner for a powder coating oven was vastly more efficient than an inline BBQ pit style burner. Really?

    Let's assume that's true. where would you place the burners, in the corners? Would they be better if mounted on the outside? Has anybody ever seen one or have some opinions or ideas about that?

    Currently building this one

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    If you are going to build a large oven the most effective way to go is defiantly using a Gas conversion burner like is used in a home furnace or boiler here is an example you can find this type of burner on eBay Craig list etc it is much safer than the burners you are talking about using. It will cost you a little more than a BBQ burner but trust me the results far out weigh the cost and the Carlin comes complete with the entire gas train so all you will need is a temp controller and a SSR and you are in business.


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