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PID set-up problem or sensor problem

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    I couldn't give you that number... I'd have to kill you... LOL

    Actually, it's a series 93 Watlow. The model number will depend on you inputs, SSR's and set-up in general. Online you can find a way to look up what you need for yours. Try this link for the manual, and go to page 45 to see what parameters you will require and write your model number in the blanks and go to eBay and see what you can find in that model number or range of numbers you could actually use. There will be multiple ones you CAN use simply from color of display and things like that... This manual is also a good representation of what others should look like.

    SERIES 93 User's Manual, 1/16 DIN Microprocessor-based Autotuning Controller

    I use "KK" models in the #5 and #6 locations in the model number, but almost nobody else does... Most use DC or CD. I try to keep my entire systems at AC current, including my SSR's... The ones I buy are generally a little cheaper due to lower demand from the oven builder world. My Fotez SSR's are also weird part numbers... instead of a DA I run an AA SSR.I find it unnecessary to convert to DC for my SSR's where many folks don't go to the trouble to buy AC controlled SSR's... It gets deep really quick or you gain a good solid understanding fairly quick. I almost had to have the stuff in my hands as I am a very visual learner, but I figured out enough before buying this stuff, to get what was required. Seems the most expensive stuff is simple stuff like terminal strips and power distribution blocks... they seem way over priced to me, but I also always do some overkill so I will have room to grow and usually still have ample headroom on my numbers.