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Need help with used oven.

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  • Need help with used oven.


    A few months ago I decided to get into powder coating and just my luck at that time a used oven locally had become available which I had purchased. It has worked okay, however every time I would go to use it I would have a short or need to re connect a wire to the elements. I was super busy at the time so just rolled with it and decided that when something major happened or I had the time I would rewire the whole thing.

    A few weeks ago the contactor finally gave out. It was getting so hot that I could not even read the label anymore on it. One thing I believe to be true is the oven was originally built with 3 elements and the second owners just jumped a wire out of one box and drilled a new hole to add a fourth, which likely caused the failure.

    I figured it would not be hard to fix, I pulled it all apart and made a diagram of how it was wired, put new wires in and contactor(s) in and would be good, I tried to get a 40a 4 pole contactor but they were weeks away from being available here. So I asked the guy at the store and figured we could wire up two 2 pole contactors, however they were also on a massive back order but he assured me I can use two 3 pole units and just not use the middle pole. I had wired it all up and ended up popping a capacitor in my PID unit. Now I am waiting for a new one to show up.

    I was not sure where I had went wrong so I been checking the wire diagram for the PID I will be using which is quite different from what I had pulled apart (still going to use the same PID model). The one part I am not really sure about is adding a timer into the mix which was always on the oven.

    I will show what I took apart and what I think I should be doing but I really am out of my depth on this and am hoping to get some insight into this.

    PID - Auber Syl-2342
    Timer - Auber ASL-51
    Contactors - DP-3P40A240 (40 amp 3 pole 240v)
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    Simplify and toss the timer. Use your cell phone as a timer or get a stand-alone unit and pay attention to it. You could set the Auber timer up separately using the same power source though, and have it turn on or flash a light that is not integrated into your oven circuit, keeping things simple.

    2 contractors may be too much for the PID, but that could be circumvented by using an SSR between the PID and the Contactors... you can easily add the SSR as protection anyway, putting the load of the coils of the Contractors onto the SSR. You can buy SSR's in AC, DC, and Variable resistive/process input, all will switch the load they are rated for. You can also buy AC relays as well, if you would rather avoid the magic of SSR's... either way, reduce the load on the PID output, by switching some sort of relay that turns the burners on/off as required. In such an arrangement, you can wire in a separate Contactor for EACH element as well, making it much easier to troubleshoot if problems occur, and if necessary, run the oven with one element burned out in a jam. Your call, but the diagram you're using (the second one) seems a bit more complicated than it needs to be...