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looking a building an oven

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  • looking a building an oven

    im looking to build myself a small oven 2x2x3 using my current house oven for parts I was going to use rockwool insulation but ive been watching a few youtube videos and one guy just uses a filing cabinet lined with aluminium foil and says it holds temp and the outside barely gets hot what do you think ill provide a link if anyone wants to see

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    No need to provide a link... I cannot imagine a case where this is true. No insulation, aluminum foil lined = HOT outside surface of the oven. Simply put, there is no insulating happening, but it does cut down on radiant direct heat... to the outside walls. But the parts inside still see the direct radiation of the elements... if they're exposed to them.

    In any case, the thickness of the insulation and type of material used will have some bearing on how well it is insulated and what kind of temps to expect on the outside surface. The rockwool idea is a good one. I recommend at least un-backed fiberglass with a temp rating that will handle 400-500 degrees without failure. 3 inch thick walls are typical (well... the thickness of the wide side of a 2x4 is acytually 3.5 I believe...) Thicker is better for a few reasons. one - the outside of the oven stays cooler with better insulation. two, the recovery time is better once the door of the oven is opened to load. three, more efficient heat in general.

    The next suggestion I will give is to buy new components to build your oven. They're not that expensive and the size oven you're building (or intend to build) will be worth the money spent and then some. Building it right, opposed to building cheap is always more cost effective over time. New PID, New Elements, New Contactors or SSR's... Materials are not as big of a deal as the electrical... use what you have to build with but keep the above info in mind as you source any used materials... may find some spare studs at commercial construction sites... sheet metal can be had from many sources, but is easier to work with pieces that are clean and un-cut, with few screw holes etc...
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