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Help adding fan & light to oven controller

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  • Help adding fan & light to oven controller

    Awhile back I purchased a oven controller from Auberins. It's the basic DIY Kit. I've got it assembled now.
    What would be the correct & safe way for adding lights & fan?
    I added a wiring diagram.
    Thanks for the help.


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    You need to determine how you want the light and fan to operate. I have mine on manual controls(switches) as I only start the fan once the oven has begun to heat up. The light is also on a switch so it's only enabled as needed. If this works for you then just wire off the control block feeds from the shutoff switch. That way everything is disabled when power is removed from the oven. You can use either of the 240V feeds and the neutral although it isn't shown in the diagram.

    If you want either or both to automatically come on when the oven is energized then eliminate the switches. Regardless you don't want to tie either into the heaters or obviously then they would cycle on/off as the pid calls for heat. I'm not very familiar with the aubers but some pids have multiple alarm outputs which would allow you to set a specific temperature that when reached would automatically turn on the fan.

    If I were using this wiring diagram as a guide I would run the source first into the master shutoff, then send the output into the distribution block. I can see no reason why they first send power to the block, then reroute through the shutoff back to the block, makes no sense to me! Also anyone using this diagram needs to be aware that the feeds going to the pid terminals 6 & 7 are not signal wires as the diagram indicates but are actually 240V AC current. Same is true for several of the switch wires. Ed
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