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4x4x8 6 element control panel help

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  • 4x4x8 6 element control panel help

    We are on the process of finishing up our oven build and I'm working on the wiring. We may have went a bit overboard with the elements for our single phase 100 amp sub panel service in our shop.
    I was planning to do 70 amp service in order to cover the power requirements for the elements (6 rated at 240v 2600w or 10.83 amps per element) but cannot find a 70 amp disconnect safety switch with matching amperage as the power will run directly to it on #2 THHN.
    I've been running ideas around in my head but I am the furthest thing from an electrician. Can I run off 2 40 amp breakers to 2 40 amp disconnect safety switches and use 2 PIDs? Am I okay to use a 100 amp fuse and disconnect (I'm thinking no as it would allow for a dangerous amount of extra electrical current).
    I'm feeling pretty lost after over a week of watching videos and reading threads. If anyone can help I would be very appreciated, thank you. Below is a list of items I orginally purchased for the control panel when I thought I had a clue and used a internet provided shopping list.
    oven size 4x4x8

    Auber SYL-2352 PID

    6 heating element 208/240 volts 1950/2600 watts

    5 DUal 4 row position covered screw terminal strip 600v 25a (I assume I need higher amperage ones)

    110v indicator lights

    273 CFM 1640 RPM 115v 60/50hz Centrifugal

    3 porcelain lights

    5 Esupport silver contact heavy duty 20 a 125 v 15a 250v spst 2 terminal pin on/off rocker toggle switch metal

    3 single phase solid state relay module ssr-100 da 100 a 3-32 v DC input, 24-480vac output, DC control ac (assuming these are incorrect also)

    Thermal paste and heatsinks

    Control box size unknown at the present moment

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    It's been awhile since you posted this so possibly you have already found a solution. If not here are my thoughts. First you could absolutely run the elements off 2 separate breakers, no issues there other than it does require some additional wiring. The relay(ssr) controls the voltage to the element(s), the pid only signals the relay to open or close. A link to the specific ssr's would be helpful, but ssr's typically use DC input voltage which the pid should provide so no issue there. If you haven't resolved these questions respond and I'll try to give a more detailed response.