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    I'm looking for some advice on where to locate the heating elements in my 2' x 3' x 4' oven.

    I see a lot of them built in the walls vertically and I was going to have them installed vertical, but isn't putting them on the floor a better design for heat distribution over the parts?

    Here is my current design:

    The dark blue box on top will be a blower and the purple channels will carry the hot air back down.
    The orange are the elements.
    The yellow is just 12 gauge steel.

    Is there any reason I shouldn't put them on the floor? I can cut some sheet metal to cover them for protection if that's a concern.

    Click image for larger version

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    IMO placement can be most anywhere near the bottom. The only drawback to floor placement is if you intend to incorporate a roll-in rack. Even in that case you can accommodate a roll-in rack by design. Since you have a recirculating air system designed into your oven makes placement even less of an issue. You might want to add a radiant heat shield made of aluminum or similar with a series of 1" holes to fit over the elements.