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4x4x7.5 Propane Heated Oven

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  • 4x4x7.5 Propane Heated Oven

    I built a powder coat oven with the dimensions of 4ft ( width ) by 4ft ( length ) x 7.5 feet ( height ) 3 and 5/8 inch walls.... Skinned on inside with mineral wool insulation . I have a 250kbtu -400kbtu propane heater ( Mr heater model number MH400FAVT ) heating the oven .

    For my controls system I have a inkbird ITC-106PH PID hooked up to a inkbird solid state relay that controls a gas solenoid that I plumbed into the heater itself. The oven has a k style thermocouple that I have tried in different locations in the oven to try to fix my issue. My issue is that I have a large flucionation in temps when my oven gets to 400 . It actually overshoots and heats to about 430 degrees .

    Now another issue is that when the temp drops below 400 and calls for heat I can hear the gas solenoid opening and heater getting power and turning on the blower but the gas doesn't ignite for about 4 seconds which causes more temp influx I imagine but not sure . I have tried the PID in auto tune mode ... Factory settings ... And a couple pid adjustments recommended by a youtuber. I'm wondering if there is a way to maintain the temp better. Is my propane heater too big ? Do I have to wire a jumper of some kind to have constant ignite in my torpedo heater ? Do I have the wrong heater for the application ? This heater does have an internal thermostat .

    Thanks for reading this and thank you for your time and insight .

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