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  • control box wiring help

    Hi , I have been trying to wire a control box with ed_denu schematic and have run into a few problems.First I guess is the placement of the two switches labelled fan and light.. It shows fan switch beside master indicator on right picture then it changes on one showing the wiring for box , placing the light sw next to indicator light.. I wired it the same as diagram but at load end I changed wires to proper equipment. ie fan and lights. I kept fan switch close to indicator light. Other problem is I am using an Inkbird IDT-E2RH timer and it has no number 1 connection on it. So I believe all connections will be wrong there. I did not install ammeter so none of that wiring is necessary for me. The switch beside timer says DPDT all others SPST but in your detail drawing the switch beside PID looks to be DPDT . Is that the case ? I have a new 200 amp service in my garage . I will be trying the oven with just two 3000 watt burners for now , four lights on the sides , Fan motor and digital speed controller for it , only one thermocouple for now , Auber SYL-2362 PID , Inkbird timer , 40 amp SSR on heatsink with fan and ac-dc voltage transformer .If you can help me out with a diagram I would appreciate it. You seem to be the go to guy on there . If you need more info let me know. I am trying to figure out pictures.I can also try to draw what I have done so far.

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        Following Ed_Denu diagram here is what I have So far.I still need to install small fuses. I don't know which connections to make for timer and I need to wire the switch beside it . I am going to try that digital speed control mounted to door for large fan and I have a different version if I want to lower SSR cooling fan . Really need EDs help though or Baz I think I saw him helping . Any help is appreciated and needed . Thanks Guys


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          Here is a diagram I tried. Sorry it's in three parts because program wouldn't let me save. This is what I have wired so far and the question marks are where I run into problems as the inkbird has different connections. Hopefully I don't have to change a whole lot as I am ready to see if it will work . My electrician will be installing breaker in panel for the oven as he will be running a couple welding circuits for each side of shop.The orange is replacing blue as the neutral blue was too close .


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            here is third part of my diagram