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6 Ways to Light a Auplex Kamado Grill

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  • 6 Ways to Light a Auplex Kamado Grill

    Auplex Kamado grill is a versatile and efficient type of charcoal grill that allows for various cooking methods, such as grilling, smoking, and baking. Here are six common ways to light a Kamado grill:
    1.Charcoal Chimney Starter: Using a charcoal chimney starter is a popular and straightforward method. Fill the chimney starter with charcoal, place crumpled newspaper or fire starters at the bottom, and then light the newspaper. The flames will gradually ignite the charcoal, and once they are red-hot and ashed over, carefully pour them into the Kamado grill’s charcoal chamber.
    2.Electric Charcoal Starter: An electric charcoal starter is a convenient option for lighting a Kamado grill. Insert the starter into the charcoal, and the electric element will heat up, igniting the charcoal. Leave it in for a few minutes until the charcoal is lit, and then remove the starter before closing the grill.
    3.Fire Starters or Cubes: Fire starters or fire starter cubes are small, pre-packaged, flammable cubes made of paraffin or other combustible materials. Arrange a few fire starters within the charcoal, light them up, and let the flames spread to the surrounding charcoal.
    4.Natural Lighter Fluid: While not the most popular choice due to potential chemical flavors, you can use natural lighter fluid to speed up the lighting process. Place the charcoal in the grill, drizzle some lighter fluid evenly over the coals, and carefully light them. Allow the fluid to burn off completely before cooking.
    5.Loofah Charcoal Starter: Loofah is a natural plant material that works as a great fire starter. Soak the loofah in cooking oil for a few minutes and then place it in the center of the charcoal. Light the loofah, and it will slowly ignite the surrounding charcoal.
    6.Propane Torch: A propane torch can be used to ignite the charcoal quickly. Simply direct the flame at the charcoal, and it should catch fire rapidly. Be cautious while handling the torch and avoid prolonged exposure to any one spot.
    Remember always to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and safety precautions when lighting your Kamado grill. Additionally, allow enough time for the coals to reach the desired temperature and ensure proper ventilation when lighting the grill.