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Oven heating up with controller off.

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  • Oven heating up with controller off.

    Hooked everything up a little while ago. Then unhooked it to run the wires properly. Put sides on and hooked it up again.

    This time hit the breaker and the breaker popped (50amp). Walked to control box to make sure PID off. Check.

    Hit breaker on again. Good to go. Walk back over to box and it popped few seconds after I turned it on. Looked in over and it was fairly warm. As if it was on for entire time second time. So shut PID off again and hit breaker. This time stays on. But noticed elements were heating up with PID OFF.

    What's going on here?


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    Re: Oven heating up with controller off.

    Here is a quick diagram of how elements are wired.


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      Re: Oven heating up with controller off.

      Has it ever worked properly or is this the first time you've started the oven. If it's worked previously then you have probably fried the ssr. Did you provide a good heat sink for it? With an ssr one feed of the 240 volts for the elements is always hot and the other is switched via the ssr. If the ssr fails closed(contacts shut) then the elements are going to be energized regardless of the pid.

      If this is the first time you have started the oven, then I would guess your wiring is incorrect and you are not properly switching one feed of the elements.


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        Re: Oven heating up with controller off.

        I can't tell exactly from your drawing how the multiple elements are connected, but the basic wiring for the ssr appears to be correct. If you have a multimeter disconnect the wiring on the load side of the ssr and test to see if the contacts are closed(continuity check/ohms). If they are closed with the pid off then the ssr is bad.


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          Re: Oven heating up with controller off.

          SSR is dead.

          Put new one in and worked. Checked old one with multimeter and it's closed circuit.

          Thanks again ed!