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type of wire for oven controller??

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  • type of wire for oven controller??

    Just curious what type of wire you guys are using when you assemble your oven controller.?

    i'm in the process of building my oven finally.. Starting on the control box I've got everything needed to assemble it far to my liking.. but i'm stuck on which wire type I should be using..oven will be ran on 240v single phase.

    hardware store sells thhn wire.. would that be ok for oven control wiring (inside the control box only) or do i need to get something else.
    I would think any wire rated at 300v or 600v would be okay,, is this assumption correct.??

    left is my controller layout.. right is description of each and rough mockup of labeling.
    Click image for larger version

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    in the photo im using the two single pole circuit breaker for my 120v powered lights and fan. The contactor will be used as a master disconnect switch. Power for the elements will be controlled via the 40amp ssr for more precise heat control.
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    Re: type of wire for oven controller??

    Nevermind,, I found my answer.. THHN is fine.

    and also this link has a write up on how to wire control box with ssrs and pid controllers for a beer brewery control box. wiring for the oven control is similar except lil less complicated.. seeing we only need to control power to heating elements and maybe some light and fans..

    gonna head to lowes in the morning and pick up some THHN wire.. will post update once its all wired up..
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      Re: type of wire for oven controller??

      Yes, the thhn is fine for all wiring within the control box and conduit outside the oven shell. It will not stand up to the heat generated within. You need to make the last section of wire connecting to the elements high temperature wire such as MG wire. Good idea to also use high temperature wire terminals.

      Why the second pid as a standalone high temperature alarm. Many pids have alarm capabilities on Output2.


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        Re: type of wire for oven controller??

        thanks Ed.

        went and picked up some THHN today from lowes. high temp wire and terminals are coming in the mail shortly.

        The reason I added another pid is because the cabinet came with two cutouts. I didn't want to leave a hole. I figured I'd make use of the hole. That pid (swa-2451 from auber instruments) is setup only for temp monitoring. The other pid (oven process controller also from auber instruments swa-2452c) has various alarms that go off in the powder coating process.. I think...the second alarm output on this pid is already programmed for low temperature alarm according to the manual..

        so to not confuse which alarms are going off....i decided to have a separate one just for high temp warning on the other pid.
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          Re: type of wire for oven controller??

          work in progress...

          Click image for larger version

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            controller box finished.

            finished up most of the wiring today. just needs to be mounted to the oven and final wired in.
            Click image for larger version

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            wire schematic for my controller ( note: I didn't have a 4 wire 240v outlet, so i just decided to run these two power sources 240v and 120v as separate inputs)
            critics welcome on my schematic layout..schematic only shows wiring for oven controller. schematic for stand alone temperature monitor PID isn't shown.

            if you decide to use this..Use at your own risk. you are responsible for making sure your box is wired correctly.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	wiring diagram for my controller.jpg
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            also on another note..
            If had to do this again I would choose better quality parts.. the switches, lights/buzzer, pid that came from auber instruments.. is well.. cheaply chinese made.. I broke one of the lights/buzzer during the install because the material its made of is flimsy. i'm going to continue to use them for the time being... we'll see how long they hold up..
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              Re: controller box finished.

              front view..
              Click image for larger version

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                  Been a long project but I'm slowly getting there..... working on this in my spare time. Here's another photo to update my progress
                  ** on another note.. why do my photos keep showing up so small??**

                  Click image for larger version

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                    Nice looking so far
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                      Click image for larger version

Name:	20170423_175018_resized (2).jpg
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ID:	142734 more progress this week.. started the electrical wiring...

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