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Building My First Oven

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  • Building My First Oven

    Hey guys, just wanted to say I just joined but have been following along lots of threads here as Ive been building my first oven and gotta say LOTs of great info and thanks to everyone sharing their oven builds. That being said, let me give everyone the low down on my oven. I built a 6' wide x 5' deep x 8' tall Oven (all actual inner dimensions). Materials used were 16 gauge 2x6 structural steel stud walls and ceiling with 2x4 16 ga studs on doors and floor. 18 gauge aluminized steel with 3/16" stainless steel pop rivets (over 3,000 rivets). Inside floor is 14 ga steel covered with 18ga aluminized steel. Everything has double layer of Roxul Comfort Bat wool insulation with exception of doors and floor being single layer. I have (2) Dayton 310CFM high tem fans (each fan is located in ceiling, blows across the ceiling to the outside wall, then down the wall through ductwork and then across the (2) side heating elements on each side of oven and blows towards the door.) I also installed 3 lights in the ceiling. The oven will utilize (6) 3400 watt elements totaling 20,400 watts. Id like 2 of the elements to be able to switch on and off manually if only 4 are needed (all 6 might be for ceracote ceramic coating curing) to save energy. Heres a list of the electronics I have so far, and Im asking for suggestions of whether these will work or if I should get other parts and how to wire the control box up? I also didn't get any contactors or SSR as I wanted to get opinions on what to use or if I should switch out the Auber PID for another model? Ill upload pictures as soon as my phone is finished sending them to my computer.

    (6) green power indicators
    (2) red warning buzzers
    Sestos B2E-2R-220 Timer
    Auber SYL-2342 PID
    Drok Digital Ammeter
    (6) Heavy Duty Toggle Switches
    Large Control Box

    Thanks for the help/suggestions!

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    Re: Building My First Oven

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20150117_133229.jpg
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ID:	129142Click image for larger version

Name:	20150120_140105.jpg
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    Hope these pics attached ok... Only allows 2 per post.


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      Re: Building My First Oven

      More pics in progress....Click image for larger version

Name:	20150128_175759.jpg
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ID:	129144Click image for larger version

Name:	20150130_160031.jpg
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        Re: Building My First Oven

        More pics.....Click image for larger version

Name:	20150222_111550.jpg
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Name:	20150224_144723.jpg
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          Re: Building My First Oven

          Click image for larger version

Name:	20150226_120016.jpg
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Name:	20150310_172800.jpg
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          More progress pics....


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            Re: Building My First Oven

            Click image for larger version

Name:	20150306_165900.jpg
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            Last progress pics. Since this added small window on other door, etc...


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              Re: Building My First Oven

              Last thing... Control panel parts....Click image for larger version

Name:	20150310_172538.jpg
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                Wow its been a year, not one response as far as wiring advice. Lmao....


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                  Was gonna say the same thing. I just joined cause I was told people on here were very helpfull. This isn't the first post like this but they all have the same response...


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                    There are several people here willing to help but you need to understand that if you ask broad questions, looking for someone else to do all the research for you, then your likelihood of getting an answer is diminished. While I can't speak for anyone else I personally don't have the time to review and then draw wiring diagrams for every possible component someone has already purchased. Every component will have different terminal contacts for power, relays, thermocouple contacts, etc. Same for timers, only more so. Often without having a component in hand to physically test it then it's impossible to correctly draw a diagram showing every single connection for the pid, timer and even switches.

                    Do a little research and reading first, then supply specifics of what you have and are looking to build. There are hundreds of threads here on sizing issues, wiring considerations, etc. The mechanical construction of the oven shell is probably the easiest task for many people. Where issues arise is that ovens are built without a thought given to how it is to be powered. Having an existing 240V clothes dryer circuit available doesn't mean you can build a 200 Cu Ft oven and adequately heat it with that circuit.

                    The very first step in any oven construction should be a through review of your electrical service panel to determine what it's capable of supporting amperage wise. Then realize those limitations on oven size.

                    While cost is often a consideration in component purchase realize that if you purchase the cheapest Asian pid the instructions if any are going to be difficult to understand even for experienced personnel.

                    Lastly look at this controls build I documented years ago. While it may have more options than you require it may help you understand the issues involved in constructing a control box.

                    Last edited by ed_denu; 10-09-2016, 11:07 AM.


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                      Hmmmm, do a little research. I did plenty. Provide specifics, I detailed every single component in my openeing post and gave every plan i had if you took the time to read it. Im not asking for someone to give me detailed blue prints. I came here the same as others seeking ADVICE on which components would work best, so i dont buy **** and waste my money. Dont sweat it though after 2 years of waiting for advice I did it on my own.......


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                        Did you look at the link provided by ed_denu over a year ago? It has a huge amount of helpful information.

                        Nice looking build, by the way, BadYJ.