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  • venting?

    i have another newbie question...I am going to start up p/c ing in my garage or shed what kind of ventilation am i going to i need to vent my spray booth or my oven... i was thinking about installing a range hood over my stove or in my spray booth would this be sufficient or would this cause too much air movement ....can i really vaccum the excess powder with my can just vaccum it off the wall or does it coat everything in the room ....if i section off an area with 6-10 mil plastic would this be sufficient for a booth?...... any info appreciated...chris

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    I'd really explore the possibility of having some sort of vacuum or suction for that booth. If you don't, powder will most assuredly get everywhere and create a mess over time if not immediately depending on how much powder you spray. As for putting a range hood over the oven, I don't really know how that would benefit you other than taking the fumes that are there and really moving them around the room. Just situate the oven near a door or window and put a fan near it if it bothers you a great deal. Some powders smoke more than others, and some people can deal with it more than others. I suggest a really good shop vac for the booth, an open window or cracked door for the oven and a good filter mask for yourself. Other than that.... have fun with it!.... Russ


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      what about the plastic will this be sufficient to create a booth ?....are you saying that i should install a shopvac in the booth to suck out the powder?....can you be more specific....thanks chris


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        A shop vac is not going to be enough to pull a vacuum in a big area like a spray booth. You need something like an exhaust fan to pull air though. I would suggest filtering the exhaust as well. This way to trap most of the powder and make an easy clean up. Plastic is ok I guess, but you will soon find you will want something better to construct it out of. It has been discussed on here, look around abit and you will find some good reading on here.


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          it all depends on the size of your coating booth. If it's a huge box then no, a shop vac won't be enough to pull it all out of the way. I agree with Fireblade.... there's a TON of threads here dealing with coating booths. All's I can say is that everybody is different and we've each had success in our own ways. Personally... I've seen the most success with sheetmetal and plywood but there's been talk of tile board and other things ( including old television set boxes at times). There is no right or wrong way.... only "your" way to a certain extent.