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Cooking part in the BBQ?

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  • Cooking part in the BBQ?

    I have a old BBQ can I cook the powder coating in the BBQ? lets say I put it on a metal tray so no flames fire upward onto the part.

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    This is probably the first time i have been asked this. I like new approaches. Ok simple answer-- sure why not. Ok long answer-- if you can contain the flames away from the part and keep the temp consistant it could be done, however I will warn you that the results won't be perfect due to the smoke and ash passing the part will cause defects or blemishes.


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      I kinda like this idea. Seeing as how until I get my oven built, I've been using a steel box with my torpedo heater attatched to it with ductwork. I have an old grill also, Wonder if I can heat it up with my torp and use it?


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        how dose the box heater work out ... good results? i got a small toaster oven i been using just for little parts .. but i am going start sending my bigger parts out . to trg for powder coating ...i am just learning powder coating .. and it is not like polishing ...


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          It works ok. Just have to keep an eye on the inside temp. I use an old meat thermometer that goes up to 500deg. When the box gets up to 400 I shut the torp off and it usally holds the temp long enough to bake the part. So far no problem.