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Gas fired pizza oven for curing?

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  • Gas fired pizza oven for curing?

    I purchased a gas fired pizza oven off an auction site for a measy $87.00 that I would like to use to bake some parts in. I read through all the forums and didn't see this covered. If it's redundant than forgive me- I'm new. It's a stainless steel oven with approximately 8x4x2' area. the burners are below the oven so it's not exposed to direct flame. Any opinions on whether it should work or not? TIA for all replies.

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    sure it will work I think anything will really work so long as you get the cooking area up to 400 degrees teh powder should bake on nice. All you can
    do Is try a few pieces and see how it turns out.


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      Thanks Jay. I heard that gas fired ovens should be avoided due to the explosive nature of the powder. I appreciate the response. This is the last cog in the wheel before I coat my first part.


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        I have looked at many pizza ovens for parts and you should have no problems. May I ask as to what brand it is?


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          Sure thing Dale. It's made by Vulcan. I don't know too much about it at this point because I haven't moved it into my shop yet. I hope to get it all set up in the next couple of weeks. I'll have to run a gas line into my shop in order to fire it off. I drew up a rack in CAD that will hang from my spray booth (which incidently is a 3'x2'x6' metal storage locker) then rotate 90* to slide in the oven. Hopefully there will still be powder on the part by the time I get it to the oven )