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    i'm building a oven box out of an old chest freezer and a old electric furnace box, both are stripped clean, I have a oven the kind that was designed to be built in, can I re-locate the broiler element to the other end of the box ( about 45 1/4 inches away) and mount it and then run the system on broil instead of bake? I've been talking pictures of what i'm doing ( wife said I need to) so she could prove to the insurance company she had nothing to do with it.. thanks for any info...

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    Be sure to check the insulation type in that freezer, most weren't designed to handle any heat. As for relocating the element, sure you can place them anywhere you want. I suggest low -- heat rises. Most ovens only run the broiler element and not both on the broiler setting however the preheat setting usually turns on the bake and broiler elements for a faster heat up.