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    After reading and rereading I am leaning to build an oven 6X6X8. I have plenty of experience with welding and creating the box will be no problem at all. The problem comes in with the heat. I am thinking about using a propane pipe burner 4 foot long at the bottom with a piece of 8 inch angle over the top. This would keep the flames from being exposed to any of the parts. I have built many large grills this way and it works great. I don't know about a PC oven. Does any one have any thoughts on the subject. Thanks

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    I'm in the process of building a 6x8x10 oven now, well at least getting it framed, I have a gas furnace that puts out 11,900 btu and was told this would be ok as long as I circulate the air. THe heat exchanger on this old trailer furnace measure about three feet long and maybe 8" wide and 4" between walls on the inside, I figuar as long as you keep your flame source from comming into contact with any powder dust it should be ok. the plan is to install the heat exchanger on the back wall on the deck..
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