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  • 350?

    I am having problems with my new oven. It will only heat up to 350 degrees
    after an hour. It has concrete board inner liner and two 3100 watt elements
    and a fan. I'm thinking the concrete board is the problem. How can I get it up
    to 450 degrees? Any idea's welcome.

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    Re: 350?

    Have you checked the voltage to the unit? If the elements are not getting enough current they are not going to heat up all the way.
    How well is it sealed? It may be loosing heat faster than it can make it.
    Home made oven? maybe wiring is incorrect.


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      Re: 350?

      Yes, it is a homemade oven. Inside dimension is 24 wide by 48 length and
      36 high. Panels are sealed with silicone. Window on front is double pane.
      Voltage is getting 220v. Elements are turning cherry red. Do you think that
      the concrete panels are drawing all the heat up?
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        Re: 350?

        When you say concrete panels, do you mean like 1/2" cement board or something different?
        Do you have any kind of vent in it for air expansion?
        It shouldn't be anything to hard to fix. As many guys here running home made ovens, someone has hit this problem before. SS


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          Re: 350?

          Oven is made from steele studs. Inside is 1/2" cement board with 4"
          insulation in between 22 gage metal, 3/4" air vent.
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            Re: 350?

            oh my those are the smallest pic's ever.


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              Re: 350?

              The oven looks good. Sounds like everything is up to snuff. The cement board shouldn't be absorbing enough heat to cause problems. By the description of it, it still sounds like a low voltage problem. A 220 circuit needs a minimum of 208V to function properly. Someone not to long ago had the same problem and it was due to his power line only having 206V. SS


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                Re: 350?

                I agree with Sswee, check the volt/amps first and go from there..
                You might want to consider putting a piece of metal behind the element to help reflect the heat out. Try and keep a small air gap between the metal and cement board too.
                Air vent should be bigger..