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OT: What to do with my oven?

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  • OT: What to do with my oven?

    I have a different type of oven question. What can I do with mine?
    A friend of mine was renovating a Laboratory, and
    managed to score me a deal, this is one serious oven I picked up cheap. It?s a convection oven, all stainless interior and racks, with an all electronic overhead console, rated to 500deg.
    I know it a powder coaters dream, but it seems like it could be used for other types of plating ? I haven?t really tried the oven but I am sure it can be modified, programmed, for much higher temps.
    Any suggestion what this could be used for? Or is it a big, fancy, powder coat oven?

    Thanx in advance, for tolerating my newbe post.

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    Re: OT: What to do with my oven?

    And a pic....I hope it works...
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      Re: OT: What to do with my oven?

      Nice score how big is the interior? what did you pay if you dont mind saying
      Im looking at peoples ovens to make one like the refrig but id like to find a sweet deal like that

      oh you can use it to make ceramics and anything that needs dry hi temp bake