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  • 110 Oven ?

    I found this forum the other day and I have been reading alot trying to gather information on building and oven. I read through almost all of the topics but did not see any information or discussion on building a 110 volt oven. Has anyone done it ? I tried searching ebay and could not find any home ovens or heating elements that could run on the 110 voltage that I have available in my garage.

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    Re: 110 Oven ?

    I built one using two elements from McMaster-Carr. They have a good selection, I used a couple of 1500 watt 110V bendable elements in a 48" X 28" X 36" (outside) oven that I built out of aluminum and 3-5/8 wide metal studs and tracks, with fiberglass insulation in between. It works great so far, no fires or meltdowns. I talked about it in a thread called "Building an oven using metal studs and aluminum" or something like that.

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