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  • Fan why?

    I just wondering why everyone puts ovens in their fans? Doesnt seem to me like it would make that much of a difference. I'm planning on building an oven 3'x3'x6'tall with 2 elements in the bottom and 2 in the top. I'll have a block off plate so I can use just the top elements for a lot of the jobs I do but will have a decent size oven when needed. Do I really need a fan for a setup like this? If so what should I look for and where can I get one? Cheaper is better but I'm willing to spend if neccessary.

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    Re: Fan why?

    I think its partialy due to the fact that heat rises, so as to help with hot spots. I could be wrong...just a thought


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      Re: Fan why?

      Originally posted by Bud
      I think its partialy due to the fact that heat rises, so as to help with hot spots. I could be wrong...just a thought
      bingo. thats it in a nut shell. the fan will cause the hot air to circulate to evenly heat the oven and prevent hot spots. on a normal kitchen oven the engineers that design them factor a lot of stuff into design so that even heating is possible without a fan. but when going with a home built a fan is a great asset, not required but you will be happier with the uniform heat with a fan installed.
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        Re: Fan why?

        Hey adam
        I am in the begining stages of building an oven, and I like your idea of splitting it. Mine is going to be 4wx4dx6h, and like the idea of 2 3ft high ovens with the removable divider. How are you controlling the elements? I assume you have the ability to just turn 2 on, if so what are you using to control them? I will be running 4 miele burners each 1800w, and would like to run 2 circuits to the oven each 20a. but be able to control one or both.

        Thanks ed


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          Re: Fan why?

          I added a fan to my oven..and spent the better part of the day testing spots to see if it made a diffrence.. and it really didnt for me. Of course my oven is round and i suspect the the heat naturally convects in the unit. It might be diffrent with a rectangle unit...
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