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  • Gas fired oven

    I have a natural gas line in my shop that I use to run the heater. Is it possible to use a gas over or build an oven with gas burners. Currently, I am using a toaster oven for the little stuff and a old electric oven hooked up to my welder circuit.

    I would like to save a few bucks on my energy bill but not at the cost of blowing myself up!


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    Re: Gas fired oven

    there are varying opinions on this. If you do go the gas route make sure the oven is off when your spraying parts and then make sure the air is clear before turning the oven on


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      Re: Gas fired oven

      I agree there is a lot of opinions on this but my thought is if you use your head gas will be just fine


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        Re: Gas fired oven

        I talked to an engineer at a local manufacturer that has an automatic powder coating line. They use a gas oven. He said there were three things to look out for when designing a gas oven for powder coating.
        1. Put a variable speed blower in either the fresh air input or the exhaust vent to insure enough air flow and allow purging the oven when needed.

        2. Use several small burner rather then one larger burner. This gives you better temperature control.

        3. Use a three skin design rather than a two skin design. Use an insulation layer sandwiched between the two outside skins as with an electric oven. Then put a third skin inside to separate the firebox from the curing chamber. The firebox is really just a space on the bottom of the oven big enough for the burners that extends up both sides of the oven. The the floor of the curing chamber should be solid to prevent powder from falling directly onto the burners. The sides of the curing chamber can have vents to allow direct exchange between the firebox and curing chamber with out danger of powder falling back onto the burner.



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          Re: Gas fired oven

          From what I've read, it seems that it takes quite a bit of time for an electric oven to heat up (between 10-40 minutes). How do you guys feel about using gas alone or in addition to electrical elements for the initial warm up, then switching to electric only when curing parts?

          The electrical bill where I live is around $300 per month, and I kinda have a feeling that running an oven all day on the weekend is gonna add to that bill
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            Re: Gas fired oven

            my 8x8x13 is gas. well kinda. I have (4) 75,000 BTU heaters under it.

            They are Naural Gas and NO open flame to worry about. This oven has been up and running for 10-15 years. NO problems at all. Use to use it for heat treating aluminum bumpers. Now used for powdercoating.

            Heres a diagram of the electronics.

            This is the oven

            Its on a 1ft I beam. and the burners are under it. they its stitch welded on that. I can take more pic's if needed.

            Im also in the middle of building one more oven
            6x6x8 Im using (1) 100,000 BTU heater in this one.

            this one uses more ifficient mineral wool. so should be better.
            Same kind of electronics, just a smaller oven.

            I'm resizing and uploading new oven pic's later.