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  • Refrigerator Oven Help!

    Well many of you have seen my refrigerator oven. I have 2 elements, 1 element on top and 1 element on the bottom. When I am curing a part, the top of the part is melting the way it is supposed to but the bottom of the part is not even being melted. I have a feeling the bottom element isnt heating up well enough or theres not any circulation. I do not have a fan in the oven.
    I remeber someone saying to put the top element on the side of the oven. If I do infact do that, would the other side that does not have an element cure the part? Thanks for the help!!!

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    Re: Refrigerator Oven Help!

    try to find a way to put a fan in there and that will go a long way to solving the problem. as for relocating the element i would not at this point till you get the air moving it may be fine where it is. remember that heat rises so the top will always be hotter than the bottom so install the fan on the top to push the hot air down.
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      Re: Refrigerator Oven Help!

      Were should I place the fan on the top?


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        Re: Refrigerator Oven Help!

        Hi, In our oven we placed the fan in the top, ducted it so it blows out the bottom of the oven to ciculate the air. We did put a diffuser on the in and out so now powder would be disturbed. Used a draft inducing fan made to handle the heat, bought from Grainger for 79 dollars, the ducting was sheared and bent here at my shop. hope that helps.


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          Re: Refrigerator Oven Help!

          you dont have the part number for that dfan do you.....thats what I need!!


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            Re: Refrigerator Oven Help!

            Yes, Grainer number: 4MH09

            Induced Draft Blower, Metal Housing, 0.6 Amp Shaded Pole Motor Grainger Item # 4MH09
            Your Price (ea.) $58.75
            Brand FASCO
            Mfr. Model # 70022771
            Ship Qty. 1
            Sell Qty. (Will-Call) 1
            Ship Weight (lbs.) 6.15
            Usually Ships Today
            Catalog Page No. 3774

            hope that helps---Ed