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  • Lets Talk Heat.

    why not combine all the heat talk here. Ive been reading a bunch of diff posts.

    Everyone seems to be using the Master-Car strip heaters and having good results. Im just looking for different options. Im about to start on another oven a little smaller then my 8x8x12 gas oven.

    I'm doing a 6wx6tx8long Electric. according to this site (This is a great site for a BTU calculator)

    I need 54000 BTU or 15820watts
    Tons of watts that would be 10 of the 1500w strips or Id just get or 3 good 5000watters.

    anybody every consider something like this? for your smaller ovens?
    BTU's: 20478: Volts: 240, Phase: 1, Amps: 25.

    what about wire wound elements instead of the strip heaters?

    This would be a good stick thread esp for new people about to build a oven. Lets list whats needed for each size

    4x4x6 seems common = 96 Cu FT
    6x4x6 = 144 Cu.Ft
    6x6x8 = 288 Cu Ft
    8x8x8 = 512 Cu Ft

    Would it be better to go with more smaller heaters (1500w Vs 3000+ w) and spread em around the oven? Or go with fewer elements? Would both heat up just as quick? etc..

    Just thought this would be a good topic. If its been posted a million times just delete me.

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    Re: Lets Talk Heat.

    15,000 watts is 15,000 watts,
    with out fan circulation, in a larger oven u could get cool spots, my oven is 4ft, x 4 ft, x 28" deep, one element on the bottom, heat rises, my temperature probe is in the middle (2 foot from bottom) i hang or have a stand (depending on part curing) that puts the parts as close to center as possible, top of oven is 8 to 12 degrees warmer than middle, bottom, closer to element can be extreemly warmer,
    if u used maltiple elements, u could stage elements (zone) which would be less likely to over shoot and under shoot desired temperature. assuming u used a stage controller, or maltiple thermastats.
    but in any case, the more (zones) u use, the better it is, but more costly.

    my oven with one zone, one element, over shoots 3 degrees and under shoots 2 degrees. i have never had a problem with this so far. (knock on wood)


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      Re: Lets Talk Heat.

      I'm thinking these heaters wouldn't hold up in an enclosed oven space. They are designed to be in 'free' air space.

      That's why most people use oven type elements which are designed to exist totally within a heated environment.

      With the cost of these heaters, why would you even consider this?


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        Re: Lets Talk Heat.

        It's been covered a few times already. Do a search on this forum for "IR heating". It's not all that great for powder coat applications. Primarily because IR heats objects and not air. It's also hard to control the surface temperature of objects without $pecial equipment.


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          Re: Lets Talk Heat.

          Originally posted by FSTFBDY View Post
          Everyone seems to be using the Master-Car strip heaters and having good results.
          news to me. between cost and dead air, like ed said, i never gave them a thought. to illustrate ed's point, think about putting your hand over the inlet of a hair dryer and watch the elements turn red hot, then burn up.
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