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Bending elements?

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  • Bending elements?

    Starting to build an oven after reading the info here and have a few questions. Can you bend heating elements? Can wire be ran inside the oven and does it take some special type so that it won't melt? Last one how about using the to round stove elements and hooking them up to the oven thermostat?

    Thanks for any info you guiys can give.
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    Re: Bending elements?

    It's a good idea to run all wiring outside the shell of the oven and mount the elements at a point where the wiring hooks up to the elements within the thickness of the wall. Otherwise, you might melt the insulation and create a short circuit inside the shell. This is not speculation, I know someone who did this and ended up re-running all of his wiring on the outside after the breaker started to pop.
    Gary Brady


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      Re: Bending elements?

      Mcmaster-Carr has high-temperature insulated wire, I used some in my oven. They also have high-temp silicone grommets for running the wire through the inside panels, and bendable heating elements.
      Steve Dold


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        Re: Bending elements?

        Thanks for the info guys.