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My oven ready to go!

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  • My oven ready to go!

    I started out with a low temp holding/slow cook oven that I picked up for 125 bucks. The oven's thermostat would only allow the oven to 265 so work needed to be done. Myself and a buddy got to work and found a used oven for 45 bucks and took the thermostat and elements and some nobs off of it and a few other things and began to convert the low temp oven over to a nice hot oven. Picked up some rivets, wire, BBq temp gauge, cutoff wheel and some other odds and ends.

    Theses are the two we started with.

    We sized down the original housing on the oven for the dials. Plus added the dials back in.
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    Inside view of the low temp oven with the other ovens elements laying in it plus a housing we made to go inside.

    Housing mounted on top and elements with some wire running to them.


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      more pics

      Getting the power and the wire to the elements all wired up.

      Backside view of everything wired up.


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        and more

        This is the inside view with the housing over the elements and wire. The inside of housing was insulated.

        My buddy and myself started this weekend and completed it this week. I figured we did good for are first time of building something like this. Granted we didnt have to build it from the floor up but we did build it. Now the only thing left is to test it out. This was built at my friends house and he uses a gas oven sooooo no place for us to test it out until I load it up and bring it to my house.

        Well let me know what you guys think and what we might have over looked or just flat out did wrong.


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          Re: My oven ready to go!

          Looks good to me