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More oven questions.....?

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  • More oven questions.....?

    Well, I plan on building a 6.5lx9wx7t oven with 3.5" r-13 fiberglass insulation. Well I have quite a few questions and some more will probably come to me later.

    Is 26g sheet metal to thin to cover the INSIDE face of the insulation (the backside will have 18g or so)? The reason I want to use this is because I have a large supply that I can have for free.

    How many elements with how many watts will I need? 8 3100w elements?

    On average how much $$ is it to have someone install a new 100 amp box. Because I have a 220v (or 240, whatever it is) source but it is a good 60-70 feet it possible to have an electritian run a new 100 amp box to where I need it?? If so, how much $?

    If I ended up using 8 3100w elements that comes out to being 103.3 amps correct? Well that's too much for that 100 amp box.....

    As you can tell I'm not to good with electrical but I'm trying to learn/figure it all out. If a bunch of you guys could answer these questions that'd be GREAT. I'm sure I forgot something but I'll have to add it in later. I know Bob@ cape cod powder coating owns a 8x8x8 oven with 8 3100w elements.....could you chime in on the topic please?
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