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  • First real test

    Fired up my oven last night for first somewhat insulated test run.

    3' x 3' x4'
    2 2200 watt strip elements from McMaster
    Auger controller and 50 amp SSR
    High temp wiring for elements
    450 deg high temp fan mounted to side, from Grainger

    Frame is 2" 14Ga box tubing. 4' tall on inside, 3' dimensions are the external dimenesions.
    22ga sheet inside
    2" Mineral wool insulation (for last nights test 3 sides were not insulated yet, just top bottom and door)

    15 minutes to get to 250. About 300 it didn't climb very fast, mostly due to 3 sides being big radiators for heat.

    I had another mount for a 3rd element but won't need it once the 3 sides are insulated and I actually put the high temp tape on the corners, etc.

    I think I have about $400 into it at this point.

    I will try to get some pictures this weekend. The forum helped me locate several of the parts I used from the controller to fan (although I used a different part # than was listed on here)

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    Re: First real test

    Will you post some pics for us?