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propane heater size

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  • propane heater size

    i build a 6'hx4'dx3'w oven. i going to heat it with a propane torpedo heater. what size do i need to get it to 400 degrees. i would like to buy one that i can adjust the btu's.

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    Re: propane heater size

    its hard for me to believe all the people out there building ovens no one can tell the size (btu's) torpedo heater i need.(propane)


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      Re: propane heater size

      Our electric heater room size calculator will provide you with an estimate of the minimum size and quantity of radiators, panel heaters or storage heaters required for the specification of your room.

      This calculator should get you in the right direction. It's the first thread link(sticky) when you open the oven building forum. Also the search function on this site works pretty well.

      If I input your numbers correctly, it says you need:
      good insulation/tight leakage 19,200 btu's
      average insulation/average leakage 38,400 btu's

      It all depends on your fabrication and building skills as to your leakage rates. I build and fabricate custom things for a living, and I had to work very hard to get slim-to-no leakage, other than the venting I designed into the oven. Start your search for a heater from there. Hope this helps
      ...some people call it "riggin" hot rodding it's called fabrication!


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        Re: propane heater size

        Sent you a P.M. several days ago with an answer....
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