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Wanted: Chrome plating in Bay Area (North Cal)

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  • Wanted: Chrome plating in Bay Area (North Cal)


    I'm in need of someone that can chrome plate the chrome trim / modlings on my car. All of them are long thin moldings - you know the once running along the side of the car, around windshield etc... I have allready done all buffing and repair work so they are ready to be plated. Hence all I need is the actuall flash chrome plating. The moldings / trims are either in stainless or aluminium and they only need chrome plating and not tripple (chrome, copper and nickel) plating since this was how they where originally (and I want to keep it that way).

    Yes, I'm natually willing to ship my modings but a local shop is naturally prefered.

    Cheers Olaf

    PS: Send answers to "olaf_sc"at"" - just replace at with the @ sign before you send of the mail

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    Have you tried Valley Plating in San Jose?