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  • A Coating Challenge

    I have an optical project with a 3mm I.D. tube about 2.5" long I wish to have the inside coated with as flat a black as possible. The outside of the tube can have the same coating. Any suggestions or recommendations?

    Thnaks in advance, Ed

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    Re: A Coating Challenge

    What metal is it?
    Lance Caswell
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      Re: A Coating Challenge

      Right now I build the tube from aluminium and could re-make it from brass. It was suggested that anodizing would be correct and due to the small I.D. coating the inside was questionalble. I did try some Caswell A311 on a scrap piece which seemed to color the aluminium black. I think that most of the problems with coatings is the preparation of the surface as like with the brass nothing seems to really stick!

      Best, Ed