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  • Hey Car enthusiasts.....

    I didn't want to post this in just the powder coating forum so this was a logical place for all to see, I suppose. I visit another forum that's car oriented ( ) and have a great time there. Anyways..... the site is sponsoring a car that's a "re-make" if you will of a cover story Car Craft did some 25 years ago. If you're a car guy and find these things neat, it's an interesting project. They need to sign a petition to get CC to cover the story and I thought I'd ask our impressive little group to have some pull in this area. Mind you... I never ask for favors, so if I've helped you out in anything during the time I've been here perhaps this is a nice free way you can repay the advice I've given you. It costs nothing to help another friend out and would really mean a LOT to some very appreciative car enthusiats such as yourself! Click the link and it's as easy as 1,2,3. Takes maybe the whole of 2 minutes and adds something to the hobby. If you want.... click on the story in the upper left of the page to see how it all started and such, or even breeze by and become a member there if it pleases you. Just tell em "non-stick" sent you . Great bunch of people and EXTREMELY helpful as you all are. A good mix if you ask me. Thanks again for helping the "car guys" out on this one and if you have any questions I can help you with, you can always find me in the Powder Coating threads..... Russ

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    Just a "bump" to remind you all of the post and thank those of you who have helped thusfar. I also want to take an opportunity to address the ebay crowd if I may. This isn't in any direct conflict and may be helpful to the car crowd, so I'll give the heads up on this. If you sell or buy cars and or parts and the like on ebay but hate the fees involved (and who doesn't!) Give the link below a try. If nothing else.... there's some pretty neat stuff for sale that pops up if you're in the market for it. Just another board that helps out it's own much as we do here for each other. As a matter of fact, I do believe I've guided some mebers from there to here and you may know them. Vice versa if my guestimations are correct. Anyways.... it's better than cheap, it's FREE to visit, browse and post there. Take advantage of all the good stuff if you can, I say. Not to mention, you won't find a better group of people much like yourselves. Give it a browse, buy or sell sumthin if you like.... at least you'll avoid the ebay charges,lol. Hope this helps somebody out there.... Russ ~ link for the moparstyle classifieds (not just mopar, mind you.... all kinds of neat stuff) ~ link to the site where the boards are with lots of discussions and topics. Good to have if you're a car enthusiast


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      another *bump* by yours truly and a heads up to something neat here on Caswell that all the car-people should know about. It's a new product called RustBullet and from all I've seen and heard, THIS is the stuff you need. Paintable and not subject to breakdown like POR-15. This is huge. For all the car customizers out there.... this means an end to rust on frames,panels and all sorts of sheet metal. Just topcoat it with any colour you choose and your worries are over. here's a link to the product :

      As you can see by the charts and specs.... it's completely a new and innovative way to preserve out hot-rods. Yet another great offering from Caswell, folks. Imagine trunk and floor pans never having to be subjegated to to maladies of salty roads again! I'll bet there's a ton of applications for this stuff just waiting to be explored. Thanks again for looking folks.... Russ


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        you guys are aware of all this stuff,right? :

        totally amazes me when I take a cruise around this site as to how many things I can use as a car guy. Plastic cleaner for the door panels and such, engine degreasers, weatherstrip adhesives (check the stripping around your trunk seal. Chances are if it's an older car like mine, it could be re-worked so it doesn't slip and give you cause to replace that trunk floor in the future!). I've used permatex products for years and have always had good luck with them. Always picking up something while buying a larger part at the store. This just happens to be a good "one stop shop" for everything in the line. sweeeeeet.

        Anyways... if ya knew about it all, it's old news. If you just "re-discovered" it all.... even better. Of course.... if you didn't know about any of this and can use it, more power to you in the time of year when we're forever " doing the winter project" thing with the cars.... Russ