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Looking for someone to color aluminum ball chains in many colors

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  • Looking for someone to color aluminum ball chains in many colors

    I have purchased anodized ball chains in several nice colors, but the variety and sizes of ball chains are limited. I can buy spools of aluminum ball chains in the few sizes I need,
    but would like them colored in numerous colors (blue, pink, green, purple, black, yellow, orange, teal, etc). I believe it's too much work for me to learn and undertake myself.
    Attached are pictures of some ball chains I purchased in past but can no longer find to buy.
    I like the anodized with dye process because these ball chains are used in mosaic artwork and the color doesn't come off with grout process.
    FYI. I will be mostly using #6 (3.2mm) aluminum ball chains. If I really like the outcome I will do larger sizes.
    Thanks for any assistance!
    Carrie Seabrook

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    I know a number of commercial anodizers all over the USA, that (depending on your volume of work) would be able to do this. Where are you and how much do you need anodized?
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    Process control systems for Anodizers
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