CASWELD Our new 'Welding' rods

Introducing our latest range of Welding and brazing rods, for the repair of Pot Metal, Aluminum, Stainless and much more.

Please see our web page for details.

These products replace the range of Muggyweld and Technoweld products we used to sell.
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Looking For Anodizing

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  • Looking For Anodizing

    We are small growing business in Central NY that is currently anodizing our own parts in small batches using Caswells LCD system
    We are looking for quotes on outsourcing this, we would be sending out ~500 pieces at a time to have done a certain amount of each color. Current color is Red, Blue, Orange, Fluorescent Yellow, Black, Green, Lime Green, Violet, Orange, Fluorescent Pink and Gold. Please message me if interested in work. The parts can be seen at they are the ends of the bars