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Mikuni carburetors - help wanted!

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  • Mikuni carburetors - help wanted!

    Some call it "cadmium-plating" but I know that's the wrong term. I'm talking about the two-stage process where You first plate a layer of zinc on the carbs - and then dip them in a dye solution.
    SODIUM DICHROMATE DIHYDRATE is the active part in the colouring process. But it really is a rust inhibitor, into which new cast carb bodies were dipped - as on Holleys and Rochesters on classic cars..
    What I need is advice on what to buy, to setup a zinc-plating/dyeing process.
    And the reason I'm asking here, is I'm in Norway, and have a hard time understanding what the different chemicals are named. It's just so confusing....
    If someone could guide me through the zinc plating process - on parts like a motorcycle carb, I'd be extremely thankful!
    I know a little about chemistry - black oxidation and electrolytic rust removal, so I'm not totally waste material...yet! Thanks for any input!

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    Here are some links to check out, hope this helps
    Jason Vanderbroek
    315 946 1213 x116