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Containers are good for store my fabrication tools and job materials?

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  • Containers are good for store my fabrication tools and job materials?

    I'm posting this forum for my friend. He is an upcoming tycoon in the construction field. For the last five years, he is very faithful in his work. His clients are very happy at his work. He was mainly concentrated on building small houses, shops, farmhouses etc. Now he is planning to expand his field of work. He is trying to take the subcontracts from the big construction companies.
    Last month he got a subcontract. But he is now facing a big issue in his sites. The storage of job materials and equipment used for fabrications is a question mark to him. Earlier, he used to take all his equipment with him after his work. Now it is not possible. He wants to keep these somewhere safe. He can't store it on the site because it is not safe. His client asks him for a better storage facility.
    Some of his friends suggest him to store them in containers. But how can someone purchase a container for sale? If it is available, it's the best choice because it is safe and strong. Because it is safe and strong. If anyone can suggest a container seller, it's a great help.

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    Hire an off duty or retired police officer for security. I used to guard construction supplies for a local builder back in the day.


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      I would ask some of my friends. Maybe one of them knows how to work with wood and he will be able to work it out. Or, you can try looking at eBay or Facebook marketplace. There are many people that are selling their working gear and you never know what you will be able to find. The best option would be to find someone who is working in the design & construction domain. It will cost you more, but the result will be amazing. I've recently paid someone to build a storage unit for me and the result was amazing. It's 100% worth it!


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        Mmmm definitely, but also depends from the container and the material.


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          The problem lies in the container type or in the safety of the container? I guess even the best locker is useless if someone is motivated to steal your equipment. Could you share more info about the equipment type he uses? I've seen cool containers with lockers on Although, they are perfect for small instruments, that's why I'm asking about the equipment he is using. Otherwise, suggest him to purchase a car! It's a must have in this industry.
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