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Restoring Stock Pipes.........

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  • Restoring Stock Pipes.........

    Back in 1983, Honda introduced the CB1100F. An in-line, four cylinder motorcycle that came from the factory with a black chromed exhaust system. Many of these machines still exist today, and many of the owners prefer keeping their machines original. The exhaust system is no longer available from Honda and most of the original pipes have become pitted over time. I am looking for a source of refinishing these OEM exhaust systems for my customers.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction

    Michael Rush, Owner
    For Hondas Only
    Chesterfield, VA

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    have you checked out the high-temperature offerings in the powder coating section? I don't know exactly what kind of black you're referring to.... but that silicone impregnated stuff has gotta be close I'd assume. Check it out and reply back if that's what you were thinking of.... Russ


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      I've used the Burner Black hi temp powder from here and it actually has a dull finish to it, kind of like a cast iron BBQ grill. I think he is looking for something that has a shine to it, if my memory is right, I was only 9 in 1983! lol