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Anodizing Services Wanted: Wide variety of specific colors, long term relationship.

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  • Anodizing Services Wanted: Wide variety of specific colors, long term relationship.

    This job is ideally suited for individuals who have created their own small anodizing lines and have the flexibility to choose different colors.

    I initially bought a Caswell Anodizing kit and was about to build my own anodizing line, but I'm too busy producing product. I need to outsource this. I manufacture "Spinny-Doo" precision spinning tops ( and need an anodizer who can supply me with the following:

    1) Wide variety of colors. The colors on my website are from each major part of the spectrum: black, brown, royal blue, turquoise, green, yellow, orange, crimson red, bright red, and violet. Most anodizers only offer their own limited set of colors. I want to choose my own, all of which are standard Caswell colors.

    2) Fixturing that can hold a part sideways via a 1/8" drilled hole. My current anodizer uses a very narrow inverse-tweezers to grab the inside of this small blind hole. These tweezers are a common item from many anodizing fixture manufacturers and bolt onto bar frames via a 1/4" bolt. There are many ways to skin this cat - aluminum or titanium hooks bent at an angle, tweezers, aluminum or titanium screws, etc. We'll work together to figure out the workholding, but it is critical it be done a certain way - sideways at a slight inclined angle and held from within this blind hole. Wrapping or hanging the part any other way will not work.

    3) To initially produce these in batches of 25 units per color without the minimum $150 per-batch fee. My goal is to get this initial set of nine (9) colors anodized for $2.50/unit. Later, when I do larger batches of 100, I expect each part to cost $1.45/unit which is what I pay today. Monthly orders at that point will be about 100 units per month to start. Everything, as always, is negotiable.

    Once I get an initial set of 25 items per color, I will then order one color at a time in quantities of 100 to meet your minimum and increase cost-effectiveness. Let's call this special first job a favour you do for me for continued and exclusive business with Spinny-Doo | America's Favourite Precision Spinning Top.

    I'm looking for someone in the Greater Toronto Area, preferably toward the west end of the GTA.

    Comments welcome.

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