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Selling CERROTRU Alloy aka Bolton 281

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  • Selling CERROTRU Alloy aka Bolton 281

    CERROTRU alloy is used for holding jet turbine engine blades for machining, anchoring shafts in permanent magnet rotors, locator members in aircraft assembly fixtures. It is ideal for making nests for parts in jigs and dial feed stations; cores for duplicate foundry and tracer model in profiling. It is great for molds for plaster, plastic, and encapsulating; forming sheet plastics, plastic teeth, prosthetic development and potting electronic components. It is a nice low temperature solder and used for laps in rifle barrels. It also can be used for inlays in wooden handles. Cerrotru is a eutectic alloy with a melting temperature of 281ยบ F. It has a net expansion of .0005" per inch. CERROTRU DOES NOT CONTAIN LEAD OR CADMIUM.

    Selling $25 per 2lb(approximate weight per bar)(100+available)
    Shipping based on quantity purchased.

    Email:[email protected]