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I need A Chrome Plater for Plastics, Decent Volume Job

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  • I need A Chrome Plater for Plastics, Decent Volume Job

    Hello all, I need a plater for plastic, ornamental items they are cast from a 2 PArt Urethan Based Resin Called Alumilite,

    Has very strong properties and temperature resistance.

    I found platers but they are Automotitve Based and only work in volumes in the thousands.

    I have 60 units now and can produce many more once I start selling my items.

    It has to be Show Quality, this project has been holding me up for months to do a chrome plate in a cost effective manner so I can mass produce my items and still make a profit for resale. You must have plastic experience I have no more time to waste trial and error and money.

    I tried,the spray chrome systems they are terrible, I tried Vaccum Metalizing, terrible results, and a Plater in MI who ruined my parts and wasted 2 months of my time. I have used a Plater inPA who does marvelous work on Plastics but he can not do the volume I need it cost too much and takes too long,

    Im located in New York just outside of NYC, I am serious about this request, if you need to contact me please do so by email

    [email protected]

    Thanks for the space[/b]