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plating trophy horse heads

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  • plating trophy horse heads

    I am seeking a source for plating of metal horse heads that we use for a horse show trophy. These heads are mounted on wooden plaques. We require both pewter and bronze finishes. We currently order 60 of each, but can do greater quantities if it will help with the price. I'm not sure what the material of the horse head is but assume it is pot metal. The heads measure approximately 5" x 5" and approximately 2" deep at the greatest point. It is hollow.

    Any information on a source of service for this would be appreciated.

    Thanks very much.

    Sherry Cole

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    Hi Sherry!

    I can help you out with the bronze, but have no rescource for pewter plating. Have you had your pieces plated with pewter before? To be quite honest, I've never heard of that being done. That certainly doesn't mean that it CAN'T be done, I've just never come across it before.

    Generally speaking, pewter is an in-expensive casting metal, used to produce emblems, medallions, cups and utensil type items, knick-knacks, and other ornamantal items like your trophy crests, which can then be polished or plated with various other metals to simulate more expensive castings, ie: bronze, brass, silver, etc.

    Have you looked into simply having you pieces cast from pewter?

    If this helps, maybe you can send me a sample and I'll fire you back a quote based on required finish, quantities, etc.

    Dave Neu
    Tillamook Oregon