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    Any one interested please contact me at [email protected] Here is the list and I am open to ALL offers. Thanks. Elrod.

    1) Sorenson 8vdc 350amp three phase power supply. Just rebuilt at a cost of 3200. (3,000 obo)
    2) TCR 10vdc 500amp three phase power supply. Works great but amp meter doesn’t read. (2000 obo)
    3) Sorenson 20vdc 250amp three phase old but works great with two extras for parts. (1200 obo)
    4) Rapid? 15vdc 100 amp 220v single phase. (1200 obo)
    5) Technic, like Rapid, 15vdc 100amp 110v single phase. ( 1200 obo)
    6) Warner 12.5/25vdc 25/50 amp 110v single phase plating rectifier. (500 obo)
    7) Warner 6vdc 10amp plating rectifier. Amp meter dosen’t always work. 110v. (200 obo)
    Copper, nickel, and chrome tanks. With or without baths. 23”X35”X36”deep. Rubber clad steel with poly liner in the chrome. All anodes (200+/-lbs each copper and nickel, 1800sq/in lead), baskets and connections. (5000 obo w/o chems 9000 with chems)
    9) Marsh magnetic drive pumps(3) mounted to large filters. Currently one copper, one nickel and one spare. Large filter with carbon currently used on bright nickel. Large filter extra. (1200 ea obo)
    10) 8 compartment poly tank each compartment 12”W X 40”L X 31”D currently Zincate, acid salts, desmut, etch, electrokleen, strike nickel and 2 rinses. Some compartments have air agitation. Has fume hood. Bussing and anodes for strike and electrokleen. (1000 obo w/o chems 2000 with)
    11) 2(1500w?) stainless, 2(1500w&2000w?) quartz and 1 (4000W) titanium heaters all 220v single phase. (100 ea obo)
    12) 5 Watlow controllers with a test station. (75 ea obo)
    13) 5 Yokogawa controllers. State of the art controls any thing. ( 250 ea obo)
    14) 1 Dunoy Tesiometer with case. Barely used. Extra wires ring and manual. ( 1200 obo) The complete line as a unit, with or without chems for best offer.
    15) 20hp screw compressor 1998 and rebuilt in 2003. $800 in extra filters and gaskets. Mark(Atlas Copco) Replacement value 40,000 ( 5000 obo)
    16) 1 air surge tank guessing 300 gal made 1998 rated 200 psi with safety and float trap. ( 400 obo)
    17) VacuBlast sand blasting cabinet. This thing is huge and heavy. Currently 3phase but could be modified. Has DC drive turntable that rolls out. You could set an engine block on it and roll it in. Self contained with cyclone and bag dust collector. Replacement new about 40,000. ( 3000 obo)
    1 Ramco 1” blade, 14X9 horz/vert 110v band saw with extra blades. Great shape and not very old. SOLD!
    19) Jet band saw blade welder 110v and like new. 650 new ( 350 obo)
    20) Grizzly floor drill press 110v. Great shape but not a lot of power. (100 obo)
    21) 3 pedestal floor grinders. All three phase. (150 ea obo)
    22) 650amp Miller MIG welder with digital stack. Great shape three phase and newer gun and liner. Early to mid 1990’s. With manual. 30,000 dollar machine. (1500 obo)
    23) 15hp double belt sander. Huge. Runs good. Have new drum wheels but they need bored out and not sure where the shaft nuts are. Have a lot of belts for this but they are old and the glue may have dried out but you can get belts anywhere. About 12,000 new. ( 1200 obo)
    24) Very unique compressor. Two three phase 1.5 hp motors with four direct drive compressors. Works great. Puts out a lot of air. ( 1500 obo)
    25) 3 three phase inside belt sanders. I have never used them but they run. ( 400 ea obo)
    26) Back jacks to make your buffer a belt sander. I think I have about 6. (175 ea obo)
    27) Complete 480v 400amp motor control center and 75kw 480 to 208 transformer.
    2 Older Coats pneumatic tire machine in good condition. SOLD!
    29) 5 flat belt driven buffers with 10 or 15 hp motors and backjacks for the motors. Another 4 complete with backjacks except motors. These are big, strong and the easiest ever made to rebuild. (1800 ea complete 1500ea without motor obo)
    30) A slew of safety and dust collection hoods for they above. (40 ea obo)
    31) The Clipper belt lacer for the above flat belts with a ton of lacing. (500 obo)
    32) Some kind of lathe chuck head polisher that I don’t have a clue what it is.(bo)
    33) A Marlin wheel polishing machine, top of the line, that I have made many attachments for to make it more versitile. This I may keep. 12,000 new (10,000 obo)
    34) 4 large fiber drums filled with bars of Tripoli. ( 1.50 per bar in bulk)
    35) Nearly a full pallet of gray bars. (1.50 per bar in bulk)
    36) Half pallet of various other bars. ( 2.00 per bar)
    37) About 500 or more buffing wheels of various sizes and types. (5-10 ea depending on size) (up to 21”)
    3 A good-sized cabinet filled with about every kind of sanding disc and stuff for die grinders and the like. Bullets felts etc. ( entire cabinet 1000 obo)
    39) Pallets of electrical stuff like large stainless disconnects and powerstats and transformers.
    40) Flammable Storage cabinets and fire proof file cabinets. ( Flam. 150 and 350 obo, file 250 ea obo)
    41) Large and small exhaust blowers and fans of all kinds. ( 25-300 obo)
    42) Air regulators and automatic oilers. (bo)
    43) A 1943 gasoline 2000-pound fork truck from the old Buckeye Brewery. Works great. Smokes just a little. (1000 obo)
    44) 1995 Hyster space saver 6000lb fork truck with 3-stage mast and side shift. 1450hrs and gone through by Hyster at 1400hrs. Even looks new. (8000 obo)
    45) A big crate of glue and grit type finishing wheels ready to go. ( 300 obo)
    46) 2 GrayMills parts washers with electric pumps and air agitation. ( 300 ea obo)
    47) One of the old torpedo type rtoo deetoo dc stick welder that was never used. Old great and new. 3 phase. (600 obo)
    4 Stainless steel tank on wheels with .5hp stainless centrifugal pump for emergency transfer. 82 gal. 27x 27 x26 deep (500 obo)
    49) 11,000lb equipment trailer all steel diamond plate, tandem axle, electric brakes. (2500 obo)
    50) Complete office including furniture, credit card machine, fax/printer/copier, etc. (bo)
    51) 100’s of high quality wool buffing pads 9” hard backed. Like for finishing cars. Sell for 22 ea. ( 6 ea)
    52) There is much more.

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    holy **** i want im wanting to get into chrome. where ru at?


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      Originally posted by slamed150
      holy s@#t i want im wanting to get into chrome. where ru at?
      You need to hold back them word's .. i see you are new and you want to have it all but this is a info forum not an adult fourm