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anyone jet hot (or simular)? need parts done..

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  • anyone jet hot (or simular)? need parts done..

    i'm nearing completion of my custom turbo build in my mustang. i have done some powdercoating but am not convinced even the "high temp" powders can hancle the heat of a turbo.. spikes of 1,500 degrees. most places that jet hot are a little too steep for me.. so i figured i'd ask and see if someone here does it privately at a more competative price. i own a body shop maybe we can swap work. i have a online "portfollio" my wife is making and have a job on the showroom floor of my local kawasaki dealer (promo) and have done several show vehicles. or else cash is good as well.. just looking for alternatives. thanks

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    Look at the Tech Line coatings. They are the same products used by the big shops for Ceramic coating. If you go with Satin black it does not even require Oven Curing, 5 days Air dry time.


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      Every day i look at this MONSTER jethot banner in the shop... HINT HINT

      i use jethot coating's !!!!!!


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        If you are interested in having your pieces ceramic coated we do the process. We do the full polished or any other color you may want. If interested, look us up at our website at