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Need anodizing / dying in Michigan

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  • Need anodizing / dying in Michigan

    I have some cycle parts I need color annodized (I'm new at this so forgive me if my terminology is a little off ) They are the cylinder heads and case covers. Starting a cusomizing service so more work possibly to follow. Anyone interested?

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    I'm in Texas but do by mail if you can't find a local. If the parts are billet there is no problem. If your dealing with cast, you may have trouble getting the colors your looking for due to material impurities causing smut. I'm still working on getting decent color with my own cast scooter parts. The only color commercial anodizers, that I've talked to, do with cast is black. If you want to discuss anything about it, just email me.


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      hi bronco i am not an anodizer but i can personally vouch for steve(sswee). he has done parts for me before and did it fast and top quality. nothing against anyone else on this forum. i only have dealt with steve once but i highly recommend his work. i am sure others there are other great ano guys so its your call. hi steve hows it going lately?
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