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Rechrome exhaust on an'86 Suzuki Intruder

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  • Rechrome exhaust on an'86 Suzuki Intruder

    I recently purchased an '86 Suzuki VS 700. The previous owner modified the set of exhaust pipes on this bike. He welded a small piece of pipe (about 1" long) to the exhaust pipes where the flange is, so they would bolt up using the original exhaust flange. He did this I believe because these pipes did not belong on this bike. So what I have is: A small piece of pipe that is welded between the exhaust pipe, and where the flange is. He did a very good job, but the small piece of pipe he welded in is rusting, and it is a smaller diameter than what the pipes he welded to are. He did this, so both pipes are on the right hand side of the bike. I like the looks of how he did it, I just don't like the look of the piece he welded in rusting, and being a smaller diameter. I know my explanation makes it sound complicated, but a professional could cut out/modify the small pieces, and then re-chrome them, and they would look like new. The rest of the pipes, excluding the welded in pieces look like new, except for some bluing-taking place. Do you think you could "fix" my situation, or is buying a new set more advisable? Thank you, Don

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    The job could be done but you don't need to cut out the rusted part becuase when you weld it again it will rust were the weld is. If it is not to much trouble I would like to see the pipes before I say that I can do the job. If the rusted pieces are not to bad I am sure I could do the job and make it look factory for a good price. If you want to go a different route I could make small heat shields to cover up the rusted part but that is just another option.


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      Thanks for the reply to my problem

      Thank you for the reply. I have the bike being painted, and he lives out of town. I'll see if might take a few pictures, and email them to me, then you can see what I have.

      Yeah, I know if new pieces were welded in they would rust too. But it's the difference in size problem that concerns me. This bike is also a V-Twin.

      I'll try to explain it more clearly: The guy that did this, welded in pieces of pipe about 1" long between where the flange is (where it actually bolts to the engine) and the exhaust pipes (the exhaust pipes do not belong to this bike, and are bigger in diameter than the pipes that were original equipment). So he made a coupling, so he could use the flanges and bolt the pipes to the engine. I hope this made my problem a little clearer.

      Thanks again, Don[img][/img]


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        Yea I was wondering if you wanted to go to a different piece, if so I have the tubing to do the job and it is in good shape so I know I could do the job. I do alot of customizing for people at my shop so if you have something in mind I could help with your problems. I just did a similar job the other day for a vulcan 800, it turned out real good and saved the guy money on buying new pipes.
        On the size of pipe the guy used is what you need to use because of the port hole in the cylinder, a lot of bikes are like that.


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          Can you send me a pic of the pipe and a clear shoot of the patch ...

          And are you willing to ship it to hickory pa?

          [email protected]

          thanks chuck


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            chuck, was you asking me (fly) or don for the pictures.


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              Yeah, I'll see if I can get you some pics.

              As I said in one of my posts, my Nephew is in the process of painting the bike now. I don't know if he has a digital camera, but if he does, I'll post the pics, so you can see what I'm talking about.

              You are correct, and I'm glad you understood my explanation I gave regarding my problem. That's right, he welded in the small pieces so they would match the exhaust ports.

              Thanks, Don


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                By the way...

                Yes I would have no problem maling them to your destination.

                Once again-Thanks!


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                  If you did the same thing for a Vulcan...

                  You have my problem pretty much solved. I just want the pipes to look like they were made for the bike. I don't like the smaller pieces looking so obvious, and of course, I don't like the rust area either. If you can repair the problem, would the "whole" pipe have to be re-chromed, or just the small piece that is replaced?

                  The reason I'm asking is: Where the bend in the pipes are (coming down from the exhaust ports), the pipes are very blued. Can this problem be fixed too?

                  Once again-Thank you!


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                    I would only do the new section, due to contamination of the tanks, and I could polish the blue, but it will come back in time.
                    My shop is in mississippi so think of the shipping and the time frame that I have to do the job. Think of the heat shield idea it might be the best plan for you if you don't like the blue area, I could feather it into the larger section making the transition of the smaller to larger pipe less noticable, and no more blue in that area. It is your pipes and you are the customer so what every you decide I will do.


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                      dperk: also keep in mind what fly said about blue coming back. that is a condition of tuning. it is because the carbs are not exactly right. you see it on harleys all the time due to the fact that most harley owners replace the factory cv carb with a s&s that has no midrange jet. so they get rich low end and lean high end, hence the blueing. just some food for thought. that is also why most harley factory and aftermarket pipes use heat sheilds, its more to hide the blue than to protect the rider. just my 2 cents(that all the sense i have)
                      when in doubt polish it out/ why replace it when you can refinish it
                      G2 Polishing and Powdercoating


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                        Sence we have a little test and tune going, the blue is from the carb. , when the new pipes were installed it probably let more air flow than the stock pipes, that causes lean mixture and causes more heat from the cylinder to give you that pretty blue look on the pipe. Check your plugs, install new plugs and check them after a ride or if the old plugs or white or light brown then it is too lean, you need to go up on your main jet. The look you are looking for is a coffee brown on the plugs. I not only chrome bikes I work on them, and build them also. My favorite is the shovel, or pan head (HarleyD.).

                        PICKLEBOY!!!!!!!!! you wouldn't happen to know of a basket case (shovel, pan, or KNUCKLE) just laying around, I am looking for another project.


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                          Don.. if you can email me a pic or a link to a pic for you bike


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                            I got a dose of education...

                            I always thought the bluing effect was just caused by heat over time. Thanks for the info. I have never even "fired" the bike since I purchased it a few weeks ago. The previous owner told me (yeah, I can trust him), that it doesn't run too good idling, and in the mid-range. But once it's opened up, it runs strong.

                            This might be the problem (or part of it) you just described. He put larger pipes on it, but didn't change the jets to compensate for the better breathing of the bigger pipes. I am planning on a tune-up right after the paint job is done. I have a problem: I don't like anything that isn't perfect. This is why I never even started it up. I want everything done right, before I ever ride it for the first time.

                            About the exhaust shield. Could you describe what kind of a shield you could design, and make it look good?

                            Hey, thanks for all the info, Don


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                              If you want to call me so we can get exactly what you need you can at (601)549-6914. Leave message if no answer. I looked on ebay at a suzuki vs700 to get a idea and I think I can help you out, you might want to check the bike out it was going for parts, just punch in suzuki vs700.