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need someone to remove plating

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  • need someone to remove plating

    i have a aluiminm part that looks to be a wiered nickle plated. i need it removed so it can be anodized. can anyone do this?

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    Yes I have a bath made up that will remove the nickle and copper with out damaging the alum. It only takes a few minutes and you have a bair alum. part again.


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      this is something i am also interested in but i cant swear it is alum base metal it may be pot(zinc) it is a dash on my harley. it was damaged and repaired but i want to take the chrome off now and powder it. what would something like that run if it is alum?
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        If you just want the chrome removed, I wouldn't charge for that because it is just one piece. It is very quick and easy for this small of a job, if you just want to remove the chrome you could buff it down to the nickle very easy and it wouldn't cost shipping. Chrome is a very thin layer and it can be buffed away, because when I burn a piece, I somtimes buff through trying to buff the burn marks off.
        But I will be happy to help, what ever is easier for you.


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          hey fly send me pm with info to get it to you.

          it's 2 parts. one i tryed stripping and one i haven't touched. i need the both striped. how much would it cost too?

          just send it all in a pm

          aka Rainman229


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            Re: need someone to remove plating


            Did the parts turn out like you wanted?