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  • Caswell........

    When I see someone on the forum I send a private message to see if they want to flash chat but the don't respond all the time is it a better way to reach someone in the forum like a alarm for them or something.

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    Re: Caswell........

    Good idea.

    I've added a VB pager option to the forum that will send an IM and make a sound.

    It's just below the main forum menu at the top of the page.
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      Re: Caswell........

      Thanks Alot


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        Re: Caswell........

        I got my Pager Messages from fly about a hour after he sent them he sent 4 and I only got 3 and it seal says I have one total and its not there. You might what to check that out. Flash chats cool if I can keep up typing with them kids. HA Ha


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          Re: Caswell........

          yea it seems that the pager alarm is not working or the people or ignoring the pager so I don't know about the pager thing..... maybe make the alarm sound over the forum or something I don't know, but thanks anyway for trying.......